Lecturer and Administrator

English Language and Literature, Kuwait University 1996-2000 English language and report writing for Engineering and Art students.

Assistant Professor

English Language and Literature, Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST), Kuwait 2003 Jan-March 2003 English language and report writing for Business students.

Visiting Lecturer 2003

Modern Arabic Literature for postgraduate and undergraduate students at Uppsala University, Sweden, April-May 2003. Alanoud devised two classes for her semester at Uppsala, one for undergraduates on The Fallen Women in the literature of Modern Arabia and another for postgraduate students Nawal al Saadawi: Pandering to a Western Audience? 

Assistant Professor and Course Administrator

Introduction to the Humanities and Sociolinguistics, College of Humanities, Arab Open University, 2004-2006. Two Open University curriculum courses on the humanities and what they encompass from art, literature, philosophy etc, and an introduction to the theoretical and applied principles of socio-linguistics.

Fulbright Scholar

the Visiting Scholar from the Islamic World Program: Contemporary Issues: Women and Islam, Spring Semester 2008, (Whittier College, USA). This semester long course looked at different aspects of women’s role within Islam, from their oncology within the reward and worship anytime to their struggles to provide a canon of “feminist” Islamic interpretations.

Visiting Lecturer

“Islam and Britain”, undergraduate and postgraduate levels, SOAS, London University: A multi-disciplinary look at the different aspects of Islam in Britain, Alanoud helped set up this course and teaches two modules of it, Islam in the Media and Challenges to Muslim Women in Britain.